Our Expertise

للمحاماة والإستشارات

We possess a high amount of practical experience and legal knowledge that enables us to achieve the goals of our clients in various cases and consultations with high professionalism and the highest level of quality.

Legal advice

We provide legal advice in all areas of commercial, labor, administrative, criminal and personal law, to which our clients are exposed, in order to take the necessary measures that prevent conflict or legal violations.



Weshall undertake legal representation on behalf of the clients and carry out pleading and advocacy in all cases before all judicial and semi-judicial bodies of all grades, types and specializations, such as public, commercial, labor and administrative courts, the Banking Dispute Settlement Committee, the Office for Settlement of Commercial Paper Disputes, the securities and insurance committees, customs, labor directions and other committees of judicial jurisdiction, in addition to representing its clients before the directions of Arbitration and settling disputes amicably, such as reconciliation and mediation committees.

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